Ксения Третьякова. Йога в парке #5

Ксения Третьякова показывает йогу в парке.

Camera: BMPCC4K
Lens: Angenieux 70-210mm f3.5, Metabones SB XL 0.64x
Filters: B+W UV-IR Cut, Hoya Vario ND, Tiffen Black Pro-Mist 1/4
BRAW, Fuji Reala 500D Kodak 2393 LUT

6 thoughts on “Ксения Третьякова. Йога в парке #5

  1. How can it be that youtube deleted your two channels again? :( really sad when I saw that, there was nothing wrong with your videos. There were just showing girls doing ballet, gymnastics and yoga, I do not see nothing wrong with that. Maybe Youtube did not check the videos before deleting both accounts.
    Hope I see you again in youtube or in this website with more videos and pictures, you do a really good job showing us all these talented girls and the nice art of ballet, gymnastics.

  2. That was censorship to the highest it was very talented girls in gymnastics what was problem. Russian , that’s it. I think we have been lied to for many years. Those girls are well disciplined and beautiful. I hope they are seen again on YouTube. C.S.

  3. Hallo, wann wird es wieder neue Videos geben ? Ich bin sehr an neuen Videos/Fotos interressiert !

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